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Overwhelmed by your communications program? Don’t know where to start, how to stop, or what to do first?

Lisa CalderoneI’m Lisa Calderone of A Creative Type. I help schools, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs clarify their vision and connect with their audience through content marketing strategy and editorial support services. I can help you find and tell your story, staying focused on what matters most – your people.

You may have a priority project – like a website, grant, e-book, or blog series – that keeps falling to the back burner because there’s just too much else going on. Or maybe you feel scattered with so many ways to get your message out and need some structure to your communications plan.

That’s where “A Creative Type” comes in to lend a trained hand.

Whether you call your audience clients or customers, donors or constituents, readers or users, your goal with your communications is to build relationships that last. And that’s my goal with you, too. So let’s get started. (Emergency situations welcome.)