About A Creative Type

Originally, A Creative Type (ACT) was a print-based editorial and typesetting service that served a wide range of clients – from advocacy groups to home-based business owners, from non-profit organizations to the print shop down the street.

Today it’s primarily an electronic publishing service specializing in content curation, website updates (design or content), and print-digital crossovers for the educational, nonprofit, and small business sectors.

A Creative Type also helps create all types of persuasive communications – from grants and book proposals to good ol’ fashioned correspondence. From complex to simple projects, it’s all about honing in on your core message and connecting it with your audience(s). Check out ACT’s Wheel of Fortune for an at-a-glance approach to Integrated Marketing & Communications, learn more about ACT’s services here, or contact Lisa today for a free 15-minute consultation.

About Lisa Calderone

Lisa CalderoneI’ve been “a creative type” all my life. How do I know? When I was about 7, 8 years old, my good friend Diane was over for a play date. Determined to go roller-skating down my block but short one pair of skates, I gave her my left skate, put on the right, and tied our remaining 2 feet together. We hobbled/skated down the sidewalk, falling down in laughter several times before she said to me, “Lisa, every time we’re together I feel like I’m on the I Love Lucy show!”

Diane grew up to be the owner of an insurance company and a multi-millionaire. I grew up to be, well, “a creative type.” But – I find the fun in every job I take on, and, gratefully, have grown to be a bit more competent in my work than Lucy.

During my professional career I have worked with a wide diversity of personalities and institutions – from a textbook publishing company to self-employed consultants to a university in the throes of a $125 million capital campaign. I am an MFA in Creative Writing graduate from Fairfield University, where I also worked for 9 years as a development writer and web communications editor. I currently work at the University of Bridgeport as their Web Content Manager.

Prior to my full-time work at universities, I was a home-based communications consultant while raising my family. During this time I wrote and published two books on the subject, built a popular website and online community for Entrepreneurial Parents (EP’s), and finally let it all go during the rush of Life.

But back during those pioneering EP days, I fell in love with the online space – and the powerful, life-altering connections people make here. I also love working with words – crafting them into clear messages that make those connections possible. But most of all, I love assisting visionaries, advocates, entrepreneurs, artists, and educators in realizing their passion projects. If that’s you, I’m so glad we’ve found each other!

Ready for a conversation? Contact me here or email lisa@acreativetype.com, and let’s start connecting.